Lessons From Life In A Manchester Startup

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Hello, dear readers…

My name is Josh, and I’m staring down the barrel of my first year anniversary with Making You Content.

The last 12 months have been a wild, frenetic and satisfying time in my life – one of the most treasured experiences I’ve ever had. The Manchester business scene is a thrilling environment for someone like me, who always harboured big ambitions for his creative instincts.

Gazing back fondly over all we’ve accomplished, I thought I’d share some lessons from my role in a startup copywriting agency. Here are some highlights and reflections from my time here so far:

No. 1 – Ideas can germinate very quickly

Young people are used to hearing the same, boring suggestions from their relatives, post-university. “Oh, go and find a graduate scheme, that’s what you need to do,” they say, eyes glistening wisely. Yet, in reality, big corporations are not to everyone’s taste. They can swallow you up without a single nod to your individuality.

In contrast, working for a startup company has made me feel valued, right on the cusp of every new development. I’m able to brainstorm, comment and suggest alterations without ever being left in the dark. As such, my voice is being heard, and my imagination is being tested every day. That’s far better than wilting in the lower deck of a corporate mega-giant.

No. 2 – Every conversation has something to give

Being at the right hand of a strong, capable business owner has, on occasion, led me to a room full of strangers. Networking is a vital component of the startup directive i.e. to spread the word as far as possible, which is incredibly satisfying when words are your main service, both to yourself and others.

Representing an award-winning copywriter means that I have to be on the ball at these events; smiles, handshakes and pertinent questions are a habit worth keeping. It’s taken me a little while to sharpen it up, but I’m now able to relish meeting other, likeminded professionals in a city that’s built for their success. The diverse crowd, and their reasons for coming to Manchester, make every interaction worth it, whether they need copywriting support or not.

No. 3Independence can flourish

Let’s return to the image of huge, established organisations for a second. It’s very likely that, as a fresh addition to their workforce, I’d have to sweat and toil over a strict routine. My hands would be bereft of any control – the approach would be set in stone, and penalise anyone who wanders from the approved path…

Now, contrast this to a startup role, where my initiative is seen as a plus point. From taking phone calls and replying to clients directly, to forming concepts for our blogging strategies, I’ve been able to enjoy a ton of freedom. It helps me rely on myself, more than a superior, for producing the very best copywriting service, no matter the circumstance.

Great things are still to come. The aftertaste of my first year with the business is sweet and moreish. Thanks to everyone, client or otherwise, who’s been a part of my Making You Content escapades…

If you want to partner with a friendly team of Manchester copywriters, give us a call, and ask what we’ll bring to your brand!

Words by Kelly


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