How To Beat Writer’s Block

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You’ve cleared your schedule, found a quiet place to work, and opened a blank document ready for inspiration to flow to your fingers. But wait – nothing’s happening! And no matter how hard you try to craft that first sentence, your cursor blinks blankly back at you from the screen.

Writer’s block is a… glitch, of sorts, and it can kill productivity on the spot if you let it linger. But a copywriter can’t afford to indulge mind over matter, and there are a few tricks to help get your mojo back. Here are a couple of tips on how to beat writer’s block.

Put the kettle on 

Sitting at a desk for hours on end is a sure-fire route to a stale brain. And yet, sometimes a simple walk around the office – ideally to a kettle – is just the breather you need to kick your head into gear. And if you return with a mugful of caffeine, you’re onto a winner.

Failing that, go to the toilet. No, really… Sometimes when you’re gazing into space you’ll find the answer you were looking for on the ceiling. Trust us.

Work up a sweat

Nothing puts things in perspective like a good run. I’m not talking a cross-country sprint – a modest 20-minute blast around the park can be just what you need to clear your thoughts. Instead of taking your earphones, spend that time talking through (in your head!) how you might approach a topic if you were explaining it to a friend. You’ll soon have a plan of attack.

Find a sounding board

Sometimes, all it takes is a mini brainstorm with a colleague to throw some fresh ideas into the mix. Our copywriters are always asking each other for more imaginative synonyms, or a second opinion on a tagline. Collaboration is dynamite for writer’s block, so don’t suffer in silence – call a friend or ask the audience.

Seek out inspiration

In the quest for originality, don’t ignore the inspiration all around you. The best writers read, and do lots of it. So whether you’re researching articles on a similar topic, or simply taking a break to read your favourite authors, you’ll gain plenty on insight by chewing on the words of those you admire.

Sleep on it

When writer’s block has really set in, sometimes it’s best not to fight it. If you’ve been scrolling up and down for hours, failing to digest any research material, you’re unlikely to have a second wind… Instead, take a break, get some rest, and return with fresh eyes in the morning. But leave a notepad by your bed just in case – the best ideas often come right before sleep!

Even the most experienced copywriters can fall foul of writer’s block, but it doesn’t have to spell doom for your project. Keep these tricks up your sleeve for the next time your brain needs training, and those words will soon be spilling in a torrent onto the page.

Words by Kelly


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