My Dream Job? A Dentist – And Failing That, A Writer

Holly has recently celebrated her first anniversary as an editor at Making You Content. She tells us what the last 12 months have been like and some of the projects she’s been proud to work on.


When I was young, people were always asking: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” And as a confident primary school student, my answer was clear: “A dentist.”

Oh, so you’re saying Making You Content isn’t a dental clinic? That would explain the distinct lack of filling procedures I’ve been doing, and why we always seem to call our patients ‘clients’…

Living the pre-teen dream

Obviously I changed my mind about wanting to become a dentist. My pre-teen self clearly realised it would be too hypocritical of me to take up a profession where the majority of time is spent telling people to floss, whilst not actually flossing myself.

Luckily, my close-second dream job was a writer – and looking at my day-to-day schedule as part of Making You Content’s creative team, I’d say I can firmly tick that one off the list.

Second time lucky

My journey to MYC was different to most. When I originally applied for a position with the agency in February 2023, it was for an editor role. I made it to the final round and was about to be officially offered the job when it transpired that the person leaving the role had decided to stay. 

I was more than gutted – but MYC remained a glint in my eye. So two months later, when I saw them advertising for a brand-spanking-new copywriter role, I jumped at the chance – and within 24 hours of applying, the position was mine! 

Now, I’m happy to be marking a full year with my dream agency – plus, a recent promotion to that original title of editor! These things always have a habit of coming full circle…

Genuine support from a talented team

I was more of a generalist marketer before MYC, and never felt quite comfortable with the industry I’d found myself in. My History degree did little to prepare me for conversations around A/B testing and SEO strategy – and with limited guidance from colleagues and managers, I somehow managed to muddle through three years as a junior marketer at various startups.

But I can safely say that this hasn’t been the case with MYC. I’ve learned so much from my talented colleagues, who all bring varied perspectives to their work and aren’t afraid to have those conversations that mini-marketing-me would have been too nervous to speak up about. 

There’s no task too big or small – whether that’s delivering nearly 3,000 product descriptions for a high-growth sportswear brand or ad-hoc social media support for a local startup. And during my time here, I’m proud to have worked with some of the most ambitious brands the UK has to offer – from Castore, to Fatsoma, to Capsule, and many more.


Looking for a career that, like dentistry, always leaves your clients smiling? Keep an eye on our careers page for any upcoming positions.

Words by Holly


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