Get Noticed On Google: The Secret To Writing Great AdWords Ads

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Ever wondered why particular brands sit pretty at the top of Google, with special markings listed alongside them? These premium slots are reserved for paying customers, or in other words, companies who have forked out for promotion space via Google’s own advertising facility, known as “AdWords”.

There aren’t many better places to show off your services than the summit of a Google search page, but you’ll only have so many words to make the most of your pole position. Here, we share the secrets on which ones to pick…

What Google say…

On their AdWords help section, Google explain that ads will receive more attention if the copy is “compelling” and “genuine” across all devices. They also suggest eschewing a conventional call-to-action in favour of something a little unfamiliar.

However, the most important thing of all is that the ad can provide answers – not create more questions. Regular testing and tweaking will help you construct a commercial that encourages clicks.

Remember: the three Cs

Before sitting down to create a brand new advertisement, consider the “three Cs”. You need to cater for your ideal customer’s tastes, keeping your message both concise and current as you do so.

It’s important to understand the people who are purchasing your product, and what wording will connect with them most. Overlong content won’t get read (or shown, in most cases), so you’ll need to say as much as you can in as few characters as possible. Lastly, take note of trending phrases and hot ideas in your industry. Incorporating these words renders your copy time-sensitive, fresh, up-to-date and relevant.

Keywords, special offers, and symbols

When you include your targeted keyword in your AdWords ad copy, it’ll stand out in bold when the user hits the search button. This shows readers that your brand offers relevant services – allowing you to overcome the first hurdle (i.e. turning heads).

Next, you should look for a way to stand out amongst the competition. Something as simple as adding symbols to your copy can do the trick here (“15% off!”), whilst time-limited special offers stimulate a sense of urgency in the reader that can be tough to resist (“only 2 left in stock!”).

Bring in the big guns

Who’d have thought something so short and snappy would require so much thought and effort? Contrary to popular belief, scribing an effective AdWords ad is one of the most exhaustive tasks on your to-do list. Not only does it demand some serious brainstorming and self-discipline, it also requires you to keep coming back and revisiting/revising your content following analysis of the results.

Do you honestly have the time to do all that? We know you don’t – and that’s why we’re piping up here to inform you that Making You Content can lend a helping hand. Our copywriters craft eye-catching ads for breakfast – doing all the necessary digging to discover which words work best for your brand. Call us on 01616 609 206 today and we’ll tell you all about what we can do.

Words by Kelly


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