Eating Out of Your Hand: Food Copywriting Essentials

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Writing about food is a tricky business, not least because it makes you salivate more than usual at a well-formed sentence. Taste is subjective, the merits of presentation even more so, and it’s easy to make a meal out of overwrought descriptions when a hungry customer just wants their appetite quenched as soon as possible.

Making You Content loves writing copy for gastronomic clients – our founder, Kelly, holds food higher than oxygen on her ‘best things ever’ list – but there are specific challenges to consider when we sit down to our keyboards and work in this sector. Below are some tips for food copywriting that we heartily recommend for budding retailers and restaurants:

Delicious food descriptions

Taste is one of our strongest emotional triggers, which makes writing about food an emotional experience. Don’t shy away from running over the particulars of a crunchy meringue, the glorious juices of a salad box, or the flame-grilled skin of fine chicken. A concise lowdown of flavours to be encountered stretches your vocabulary and, by extension, the lure of the food itself.

However, avoid being too abstract – not many people have time for reading how rosemary licks at the ripe comfort of a lamb shank – but be prepared to make mouths water when you get the chance.

Know your audience

What makes a good restaurant? It’s not just the food and drink. There’s also the staff, décor, promotions, location and entertainment to factor into the final opinion. Creating an inviting and personable atmosphere is a large part of claiming repeat business; this philosophy should extend to your copywriting.

Know your audience, and use content to reach out to potential customers. Are you a favourite amongst families, a hotspot for nights out, or a special occasion venue that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day? As well as engaging your audience, you can also identify the key phrases local food buffs are searching for, to boost your online visibility.

Emails with bite

Signing customers up to a mailing list is a brilliant strategy for encouraging loyalty and sustained interest. The long-term trajectory of an online store, restaurant or venue comes into focus when you can bank on hundreds of pairs of eyes slipping lasciviously over your promotions and newsletters.

Bear in mind, though, that sloppy email marketing renders all that hard graft useless. It’s the equivalent of receiving a cracker instead of cake – customers want something substantial, exclusive enough to warrant a return trip or purchase somewhere down the line.

Putting your passion into words can be difficult, but food copywriting can really add flair and creativity to your online (and offline) presence. As competition heats up in the industry, a carefully executed content marketing plan can be the cherry on top of a successful food brand, and that’s exactly what we’re here for.

Looking to spice up your content strategy? To have a chat with our Manchester food copywriters, get in touch with us today.

Words by Kelly


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