Do Your Clients And Prospects Need An Education?

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A sale is never just about shouting the loudest, or being brazen in the face of a question. You also need to ensure that clients and prospects are fully clued-up about what you do, why you’re a smart bet, and how you’ll reward their investment. When people have some relevance to your sales pitch, they’re far more likely to part with their cash instead of shrinking back and saying you’re not for them.

So, from a copywriting perspective, how can you educate the fish in your industry pond? Hint – it all starts with the following tricks…

Explain what you do

You might know your trade inside out, but don’t assume that your target audience does. Some, for example, might not understand the difference between a bookkeeper and accountant. Meanwhile, if we had a pound for every person who leaps into copyright law when we introduce ourselves, we could hang up our pens for evermore.

So, at the most basic level, make sure that your web content and marketing collateral makes it crystal clear what you do and, if necessary, how it’s unique from complementary industries. Throw jargon out of the window – instead, balance everyday words with a few, select terminologies that an industry insider will appreciate.

Demonstrate how essential you are

Proper, concrete examples of your work are a boon to persuasive web copywriting. They nourish it with sensible links that, if well implemented, show off the real world results you’ve accrued, making the leap from theory to practical application. It helps a prospect envision your role in their strategy.

Case studies can detail your influence before, during and after the project in question. An online content writer can draw the human elements out of what, potentially, is a very niche business, or something that people need but don’t necessarily understand (IT support, we’re looking at you…). Talking about your greatest hits is crucial to highlighting your value.

Whittle down possible decisions

Finally, to make that sales funnel ever tighter, interrogate what each of your capabilities are, and how they can fit into a masterplan. A multi-service company, like an agency that tackles SEO, PPC and digital marketing, will seem less daunting when those options are laid out, one by one, with their advantages writ large.

Guides are a great way to aid the decision-making process, answering key questions that customers may have and advising on what to consider when making a purchase. As well as ultimately guiding them towards a sale, it will build trust in your brand and ensure customers are clued up about what to expect.

These are a snippet of the lessons we’ve learned as a copywriting agency over the years. To lasso and hold onto the juiciest customers, consider how well you’re educating them. The more they know, the easier they’ll give into their instincts and net a healthy sale.

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Words by Kelly


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