Digital Voice Search: Copywriting Tips For The Future

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Earlier this month, we broached a topic that’s been stirring up a great deal of debate across the marketing world: the area of Digital Voice Search. Close inspection in our last blog revealed the current habits of DVS users and induced a pertinent question: will Voice Search affect copywriting moving forwards?

The increased use of Amazon Echo, Siri, and Cortana are a real indication that we need to start crafting our content in a style that suits Voice Search users. One day, it may even be the preferred method for online searching – so taking stock of the tips in this piece is guaranteed to come in handy…

Cater to voice search requests

We touched briefly on the aspect of natural speech in our previous blog, and this is something that will prove to be extremely significant moving forwards.

Digital Voice Search users request answers from speech-friendly devices by articulating full sentences (“Where’s the best restaurant in Manchester for fish and chips?”) rather than with fragmented queries produced via a keyboard (“fish and chips best restaurant Manchester”). This places fresh emphasis on the importance of interweaving long-tail keywords into website copy and blogs in the future.

Conversational speech is elaborate and lengthy, which means singular words and phrases won’t help your website to rank. Nope, it’s carefully crafted sentences that will work wonders. Thanks to Digital Voice Search, specialised creative copy is set to be in higher demand than ever before.

Make content easy to scan

Digital Voice Search has been designed to satisfy requests instantly. People turn to the likes of Siri and Cortana with a sense of urgency, and queries are met with an equally rapid response.

Ultimately, this means that your copy must be super simple to scan and very easy to pick up by search engines. If a Digital Voice Search system can’t digest the content because it’s poorly arranged, the name of your brand won’t be booming out of mobiles and speaker systems anytime soon.

There is eventually going to be more pressure on brands to make their content user-friendly and scannable as well as wordy; which means smart use of subheaders, paragraphs and bullet points. Digital Voice Search will only have time for the best-looking content, so you’ll need to know how best to dress your words.

Get ready by using a copywriting agency

Here at Making You Content, we dive deep into the world of copy on a daily basis, exploring trends and developments so we can help our clients stay one step ahead. We will set your site up so you’re ready to collect customers via Digital Voice Search, putting your brand at the forefront as we move into a new age of searching.

Give our copywriting agency a call on 01616 609 206 today to find out more about how we can help.

Words by Kelly


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