A Decade In The Making: The Projects That Made Us Content

We’ve officially been Making You Content for 10 years! To celebrate, we’re looking back at the partnerships we’ve forged in that time and the stories we’ve written together. 

In the world of content marketing especially, a decade isn’t just a measure of time – it’s a testament to the way we’ve helped clients navigate fluctuating trends, changing algorithms, and shifting digital landscapes. One thing that’s remained constant, however, is our passion for building narratives that leave a lasting impact. 

Here are the ones that made an impact on us… 

An online presence for an iconic event space – Victoria Warehouse (Lucinda)

We’ve had the privilege of working with several local brands over the years – like Manchester Arndale, the Science and Industry Museum, and Manchester Metropolitan University – but one that sticks out the most for me is Victoria Warehouse in Old Trafford. The year was 2019, and I’d just celebrated my first anniversary at MYC. This was a client I’d actually heard of before (there have been many more household names since!), and it was incredibly exciting to me that my mates might find themselves reading our copy without even realising. 

Built in 1925 to store cotton and later food for Kellogg’s, McVitie’s and Cadbury’s, Victoria Warehouse is now an iconic events venue. It has hosted the likes of Mos Def and Fatboy Slim, as well as club night series The Warehouse Project for a time, and can be hired out for weddings and conferences. The team tasked us with writing content for their entire website – nearly 30 pages in total – plus a few blogs and case studies to launch it with. We used the same style and tone of voice as a corporate brochure we had written for them previously. And we must have delivered because the same copy is still there to this day!

A memorable piece of hero content for a disruptive startup – Capsule (Sophie)

Capsule is a disruptive insurance startup for startups. Backed by a wealth of experience in the insurance sector, combined with their own unique insights as an ambitious team of entrepreneurs, they’re redefining the insurance landscape for fast-growth businesses.

With a vision that aligns so closely with our own, it’s been a pleasure to support Capsule on their growth journey. One project I particularly enjoyed writing is the Capsule Scale-Up 50 list – the second edition of Capsule’s annual round-up of tech startups. Our collaboration wasn’t just about creating an engaging piece of content – it was fuelled by our shared passion for championing businesses on the verge of greatness.

Working closely with Capsule, we translated data into narratives that resonate, capturing the spirit of each company in a way that goes beyond statistics and funding amounts. The resulting piece is an inspiring roadmap for businesses looking to learn, adapt, and thrive in a dynamic world. 

Social media support when they needed it most – Campus Living Villages (Holly)

Summer. 2023. The air was hot, and the content marketing trends even hotter. Pink Pantheress and Ice Spice had released the TikTok song of the season, and everyone and their mum had learned how to use CapCut. But for one of the UK’s leading student housing providers… tragedy struck.

When the team at Campus Living Villages found themselves unexpectedly without a social media manager during the lead-up to their busiest period, they put out a call for help. And, as always, Making You Content answered. Time was of the essence, so we hit the ground running. After an initial call with their in-house marketing team, we drew up a comprehensive social plan that covered three key pillars: education, promotion and follower engagement. 

Their main objective was to prepare prospective students with the right information ahead of the new academic year – however, they also had a handful of rooms left to sell. Our plan took both into account, and over three months, we were able to increase follower reach by 13.7%, profile visits by 91.6%, and post interactions by 128%. In fact, their team was so happy with the results that they extended the project for an additional two months while they trained their new social media hire. Here’s looking at you, kid.

Value-infused copy for a recruitment agency – Featherbank (Miranda)

Recruitment agencies are perhaps our most common client. And, having been here since 2018, I’ve written arguably every type of content for recruiters imaginable. But there’s one particular brand that stands out – and that’s Featherbank.

It was a relatively short website project, but it’s unlike any other recruiter project I’ve worked on. They came to us after we showcased the website content we did for Clickoo on social media. Clickoo is a paid media agency, so you couldn’t get any further from recruitment, but Featherbank were impressed with how value-infused their content was. They specifically requested the writer who had worked on Clickoo’s website – and if you hadn’t already guessed, that was me!

Value-centricity drove every word of the copy, which isn’t common in recruitment. As they support health, care, and retirement living providers with their hiring, getting across their emphasis on a sense of responsibility and honest conversations was incredibly important. We’d often jump on calls with the Featherbank co-founders to ensure we got every word right. My favourite client relationships are those where it’s a collaborative process – that’s what creates the best copy.

This project was at the end of 2020 but it still stands out today – not least because, while there was an autumn lockdown and Boris Johnson was breaking promises on Christmas, it was great to sit down at home and write content I love.

A dream client come true – Eurocamp (Kelly)

When I first launched MYC back in 2014, Eurocamp was on my list of dream clients – so it was an incredibly proud moment when they reached out to us last year. Our task was to write the descriptions for their expanded portfolio of parcs following a recent acquisition, adhering to strict brand guidelines and working to a tight deadline. I loved witnessing how the team rose to the challenge – championing creativity while maintaining speed and consistency.

A well-oiled machine, we tackled feedback and last-minute edits seamlessly, ensuring a smooth workflow throughout. Not only did we learn a lot about European holiday destinations, but we also won additional projects from Eurocamp – solidifying Making You Content’s reputation as a provider of high-quality content for reputable brands.

Creative social content for a law firm – Optimal Solicitors (Will)

We’ve been working with Optimal Solicitors since 2020, including completely rehauling their website. As Social Media Manager, it was great when I got the opportunity to take the reins on their social channels. 

Given they have a wide range of services – from conveyancing to family law to corporate legalities – I expected variety in terms of what I was posting about. What I didn’t anticipate was the level of diversity and creativity when it came to the type of content. For a law firm, it’s a bit unheard of to go beyond the realm of usual authoritative content, but Optimal Solicitors aren’t afraid to break boundaries.

Posts are far from limited to text or legal essays. I get the chance to create graphics and videos – including a series on weird UK laws. Did you know it’s illegal to honk your car horn aggressively? This is something I created for Optimal’s TikTok – a platform they didn’t have pre-MYC. Their TikTok is also home to legal Q&A sessions, anniversary celebrations, and much more! 

From highlighting important legal updates, to sharing expert insights, to posting about Fat Thursday (google it!), variety is the spice of life – and Optimal Solicitors certainly provide it.

2,500+ product descriptions for a premium sportswear brand – Castore (Adam)

North West-born sportswear brand, Castore, has gone from strength to strength in recent years. Founded in 2015, they’ve fast become a household name famous for their premium performance activewear and iconic winged logo. It’s not surprising, then, that following a successful funding round of £145 million, they’ve been valued at a whopping £1 billion. And MYC is proud to have been a part of their growth journey.

Having begun our working relationship in October 2022, we’ve since delivered approximately 2,500 product descriptions to their marketing and ecommerce team – with 350 of those from this year alone. From kit collaborations with beloved football teams to a variety of mainline Castore collections, our dedicated creatives consistently nail the tone of voice. Meanwhile our client services team ensures each batch is delivered with time to spare – all with minimal edits from the client.

Managing the whole relationship from end to end has been a real pleasure. Every project completed is like a mini win, and seeing it go live on a site that caters to hundreds of thousands of customers, in more than 50 countries, has been surreal. 

A full spectrum of fintech content for an innovative e-money provider – Frost (Dale) 

The term fintech can mean many things, but for Frost, it meant harnessing the power of AI and automation to change the money management game. Think about current account services, price comparison sites, bill switching and spend management solutions – now combine them all into one app… Frost was far from your average e-money provider! 

With an ambition to look and sound more accessible than other financial institutions, we helped them find a playful voice that also meant business. For B2C, this took the form of puns, quips, creative storytelling and compelling content – right up my street. This spanned across social, UX copy for the app and website, monthly newsletters, blogs, and more. All the while, I was tapping away on the B2B side too, writing press releases for the likes of Visa, as well as investor decks and seed funding content to help power the method behind the machine. 

Retrospectively, one of the things I loved most about working with Frost was the chance to really let loose on helping them form their TOV from their embryonic stage onwards for more than two years. They believed in our approach, made use of a brand guidelines document that I had the pleasure of writing, and were brilliant to spitball ideas with. Now, Frost has pivoted to bring their powerful self-built software to other financial institutions – a real end-to-end journey from pre-launch to pivot that the MYC team and I learned a lot from.

Non-stop deliverables for an award-winning hosting provider – Fasthosts (Abby)

A big player in the hosting game, Fasthosts deliver a whole heap of professional web services for all kinds of clients – from big businesses to independent freelancers. But they’re far from your average tech provider, with a content style that’s heavy on humour and larger than life.

As Client Services Manager at MYC, Fasthosts was the first big client that I’ve fully owned and developed processes for. Regular catch-up calls with the marketing team give me plenty to get my teeth into, like planning and orchestrating content deliverables consisting of monthly newsletters, blogs, downloadables, case studies, web copy, and more. And we support them on two fronts, with content for both their core brand and their managed services arm: Fasthosts ProActive.

There’s always something in the works with Fasthosts, whether it’s getting ahead on support for their next social campaign or researching ideas for their rolling newsletters. This keeps the team and me always on our toes!

Supporting people in their journey off the streets – Barnabus (MYC)

And finally, one client that holds a special place in our hearts is Barnabus, a Manchester homelessness charity. We started supporting them in our fifth year, inspired by the profound impact they’ve had on the city’s homeless community. 

Last year, Barnabus underwent a rebrand to align with their evolving mission. Working alongside their brand agency, Havas Lynx Group, we helped craft a new tone of voice that reflects their progress and ongoing impact in Manchester. The updated website features easy navigation and an inclusive tone, making it more accessible to all visitors.

Our collaboration with Barnabus underscores our dedication to projects that contribute to meaningful social change while showcasing our expertise. We’re honoured to have played a part in their transformative journey. Here’s to another decade of impactful projects that make a difference.


There you have it! To all our clients that have joined us on this incredible journey, thank you! Your support has fuelled every word we’ve written, every campaign we’ve crafted, and every milestone we’ve reached.

If you’re looking to elevate your content, why not join us in shaping our next decade? Reach out to us today.

Words by Sophie


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