Creating a Business Brochure With Brains

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We’ve talked a lot about the resurgence of print marketing recently. In the midst of non-stop social media streams and saturated online ads, there’s something quite powerful about a physical brochure that won’t disappear in the blink of an eye.

If you’re thinking about creating a brochure for your business, here are a few key things to consider that will ensure your print marketing efforts get the desired response.

Beauty is in the eye of the brochure holder

We don’t need to tell you that first impressions count. Words are essential, but if you want your audience to delve beyond the front page, you also need to capture the attention of the reader. By partnering great copy with eye-catching design, you can encourage people to pick up your brochure and take a look.

Tell a story that sells

One of the key things to consider when writing a brochure is the layout. Focusing on your products and services, experience and USPs is important, but so is finding an effective way to present them.

Some of the best marketing brochures tell a story. By setting the scene of the current needs or problems of the reader, outlining how you can help, and explaining why they should act now, you can transform bland information into something emotive that your customers can relate to.

Short, sweet and simple

Stories are good, but we’re not talking about booker prize novels. Keep your content short, sweet and to the point, avoiding technical language and jargon where possible, to ensure the focus is well and truly on what you offer and how you can help.

Let’s take this further 

Want to go into more detail? Encourage the reader to get in touch. Every business brochure should end with a clear call to action that outlines how to find out more or get in touch.

The most effective brochures give their call to action a sense of urgency, by reinforcing the consequences of leaving it too late, or emphasising how easy it is to switch to your services or buy your products.

Don’t scrimp on print

Once you’ve dedicated the time and resources to the design and content of your brochure, don’t let your efforts fall at the final hurdle. Do your brochure justice by choosing high quality printing solutions, to ensure that the finished product is every bit as impressive as you envisaged.

The best business brochures are a carefully thought-out blend of great copywriting, design and print. By engaging the reader and telling a story that’s simple but effective, you can generate leads from your print marketing efforts to get the best possible return on investment.

Thinking of creating a business brochure? Our content agency offers free, no-obligation advice on how to write a brochure that sells. We can also put you in touch with our trusted network of printers and designers who will bring your copy to life! Get in touch today.

Words by Kelly


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