Content Ideas To Inspire Your 2018 Marketing Plan

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Words can be powerful weapons in the right hands. Or, by contrast, they can whiffle to nothing, carrying no weight or personality. To make the most of your content plan, it’s important to channel your brand and message in a relevant, original and meaningful way.

So as we usher in the New Year, ask yourself: “Is there anything we could do to improve our marketing strategy?” If the answer is “yes”, or you’re not quite sure, read on. We’ve pulled together some suggestions for a New Year’s resolution – or should that be revolution? – for your online copywriting.

Interview someone incredible

Chances are that you know several extraordinary people. Some of them, conveniently enough, may be relevant to your work. We’re talking about staff, clients, customers, partners, suppliers, colleagues and members of an industry group you may be affiliated with.

A reasonable, ten-minute interview can throw up all sorts of great topics that readers will be hungry to discuss. Plus, if you tap into their sphere of influence, you’ll raise the profile of your own brand as well as elevating theirs.

Experiment with a copywriting series

Blogs, on their own, are great. They can scoop up a whole load of web hits with keyword placement, back-linking and (of course) well-written prose.

Yet have you ever tried doing multiple blogs on the same subject, as a series? Each conclusion sets the stage for more, picking up where the last piece left off. Three or four parts should be enough. It’s a nice change of pace, and some prospects will really value the extra depth.

Promote thought leadership

Sure, there’s every reason to tout your product/service/subscription as THE must-have advantage. Looking further, however, there’ll doubtless be huge news and debate swirling around your industry. What do you think of it? How does it affect your actions moving forward?

Being a thought leader isn’t easy, but it all starts with some well-crafted comments, good data and unique insights into what’s happening. If you struggle with this, content services like ours can tease out any thoughts on the matter. Then we’ll write them up, contextualising the response around other research and viewpoints.

Do an event roundup

“Yeah,” you might say, “we took away so much from X event back in November, it really opened our eyes to [insert fast-moving trend here]…” That’s excellent news, but don’t save these comments for the water cooler. A write-up of the event can surmise the things you loved, were surprised by or disagreed with during a visit to a tradeshow or conference.

Blogging is especially good at knocking an event down to its ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ points. As a discerning host, speaker or attendee, your opinion will start to matter. Such content can be repurposed for email marketing and lead nurturing; the more valid takeaways you’re able to give, the greater faith someone can place in your own abilities.

We hope that these trigger your content mastery in 2018. But we haven’t stopped there – for further gold-star advice from a copywriting agency, download our free A-Z Guide! Want to enrich your content plan? Contact Making You Content to explore how a Manchester copywriter can help.

Words by Kelly


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