Can Content Help You Build A Dream Team?

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Content marketing has become the way to grow and engage with a following. When identifying that ‘ideal demographic’, most businesses naturally look towards their customer base. But what about the other prospects on your radar – not clients, but potential team members looking for employers like you?

In our experience, content marketing has a much greater impact in the long-term than driving website traffic and boosting sales. By building a picture of your business that people want to be a part of, you can create a dream team of talented individuals who share your passion and buy-in to your vision.

The recruitment problem

Catching up with a friend over drinks last week, I was surprised to hear how his web agency struggles to source the right people for new roles. They’re an established business with over 10 employees, yet rarely receive applications from candidates out of the blue. And when they do create a new vacancy, recruitment costs span into the thousands.

Our small copywriting agency, on the other hand, often receives 2-4 applications from writers a week. Josh, our junior copywriter, cold-called our Director telling us how much he wanted to be a part of the team. We’ve never advertised for freelancers, and always have a waiting list of people wanting to work, intern and freelance for us.

Why is this so? Are there fewer developers than copywriters in Manchester? Unlikely. Are we offering better pay, or hours? Probably not. On paper, the odds are stacked in their favour.

And yet, it seems that some companies, like ours, benefit from a stream of eager candidates, while others must wade through the recruitment process to build the dream team they need to succeed.

Creating your content footprint

Just as failing to invest in marketing can undermine your sales goals, it can have a knock-on effect on recruitment. It goes without saying that our copywriters practice what we preach, meaning we’re constantly pushing out thought leadership content that offers advice, guidance and insights circling our line of work.

While, like most businesses, this is mostly focused towards our ideal clients, it doesn’t go unnoticed by candidates. By creating a digital footprint through content that expresses the values, expertise and personality of our agency, we are unwittingly falling onto the radar of potential applicants.

Content can say a lot about your business. From the tone of voice on your home page to the posts (or lack of) on social media, top talent will take a great deal of interest in what your business has to say when searching for their next opportunity. So if you’re sending the wrong message – or saying nothing at all – you risk pushing potential candidates away.

Building your power team

Has the penny dropped? If you’re struggling to source the right people for your business, take a fresh look at your content through the eyes of a job seeker. In an effort to bring in your ideal prospect, don’t lose sight of your ideal employee.

Whether you’re neglecting your content marketing efforts or your drive to pull in sales has resulted in a loss of authenticity, remember that people buy people. Investing in your online presence can only be a good thing for your business. And with a dream team around you, the rest will come naturally…

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Words by Kelly


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