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The sun has been baking our elbows through the window… But despite the heat, we’re all smiles. In fact, June has been a breath of fresh air for our copywriting agency, as we settle into our new office and Gareth gets to know our clients.

Change is good; as ever, it helps us deliver web content, editing, proofreading and the like with ever more panache. ‘Transition’ has been our word of the day for the entirety of June – care to see why? Read on for a bright and breezy roundup of our latest news.

Celebrating new digs in style

The 2nd of June 2017 will go down in our mental scrapbook, no doubt about it… That’s because we opened the doors of our new office on Thomas Street, and invited a long list of guests to christen the space we call home.

Clients of all stripes got a chance to mingle in the cool, brick-walled Binks Building. Chatter was accompanied by the snap of breadsticks, the clink of glasses, and plenty of tunes. Thanks to all who made it a blast! Missed out? Get in touch to arrange a drop-in and catch up over a drink.

Award-winning copywriter

Taking the lead for National Freelancers Day

As you probably know by now, our Kelly is very active in the business community, both in the North West and further afield. Having started her writing life as a freelancer, it makes sense that she was invited to speak at National Freelancers Day.

On a panel hosted by Enterprise Nation’s Emma Jones, she spoke about the wins and roadblocks some newbies may face, also tackling a Bookkeeping & Business Finance roundtable before the event wound down.

award-winning copywriter

Strategy planning in Warrington

What makes an award-winning copywriter so valuable to a business? We’d like to emphasise our front-to-back approach for your content, aligning your marketing to the grander goals and strides of your organisation.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that we now offer Strategy Days for our clients. It’s a comprehensive look at your business goals, challenges and target market, and how to touch on them with a savvy content marketing plan. We recently delivered a strategy session for a property client at the gorgeous Whitehouse in Warrington – why not see what we could do for you?

As we head into the second half of the year, there are plenty more plans on the horizon. We’ll see you on the other side of July, but for now, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need a hand with your marketing. Just call our team for blogging, email marketing, web content and more.

Words by Kelly


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