Beware Of These Content Marketing Blunders

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December is settling in with the poignancy of an old photo album on our mantelpiece. Between Christmas planning and last-minute deadlines, the scope of the past year will be coming into focus, including just how well your content writers have performed. Oh – and don’t forget the strength of your marketing with said content, which is just as important.

Digital content has to come thick, fast and readily onto the screens of your audience. There must be symmetry in terms of how you use it and what it’s actually saying; anything else might constitute one of these blunders:

Muddling your voice

Quite possibly, there may be a gulf from one piece to the next in terms of your written tone. This can happen when several people are working on web content, each trying to assert his or her influence on the finished product. The golden rule of writing for business is that everything should hang together. When this doesn’t happen, potential customers will be confused about what you stand for, and how you’ve positioned yourself in the marketplace.

Even a handful of misplaced words can destabilise your content strategy. And typos are unacceptable – they present an image of sloppy control, the very opposite of a brand that’s trying to be a key industry player.

Going in without a blueprint

To secure the best possible return on your content writing efforts, it’s vital to have a plan. Successful marketers know the importance of identifying a target audience, and crafting topics and titles to nurture this demographic.

So, focus on the buyer: what do they want? What social media platforms do they use? Are you trying to be informative, charming, or both? If you can identify where the interests of a stranger cross over with what you do, then your content will be all the more powerful for it. The same goes for how you can link back to previous posts, creating a tableau of intersecting ideas.

Irregular blogs and emails

Take a look at your newspaper of choice – if it stopped being published for a single day, what effect what that have on its reputation? While online businesses don’t have quite the same expectations to reach, consistency is really crucial; failure to uphold your strict content schedule could see a drop in engagement, as customers feel they can’t rely on you for advice and inspiration.

Lead nurturing emails are a particular victim of bad timing. Whether you’re sending monthly newsletters or messaging buyers with a ‘thank you’ note and links to further deals, the tentacles of your influence should be deployed on a deadline that’s never broken. Facebook and Twitter updates, similarly, should work to a consistent schedule.

It’s okay to admit some discrepancies if you’ve fallen into any of these traps; at the end of the day, mistakes happen, and it’s not too late to rectify them. Making You Content can help you master the content marketing game, so you might want to think about taking on our award-winning copywriting services. Just give us a call – our pens are at the ready!

Words by Kelly


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