A Year Of Going The Extra Mile: How MYC Redefines Client-Agency Relationships

Abby has been the Client Services Manager of MYC for exactly a year now. We sat down with her to reflect on the last 12 months…

“Communication can solve most of the world’s problems.” That’s what I was thinking when I embarked on my first role as an account executive five years ago. Since then, I’ve worked with all kinds of clients in food and beverage, fitness, leisure, property, and events – gaining a wealth of knowledge along the way. But it’s in the past 12 months alone that I’ve really learned how to put my original conviction into practice.

Even though 23-year-old Abby still had a lot to learn, she was definitely onto something. As a manager of a dynamic content team, I’ve witnessed first-hand how effective communication can make a big difference. But it’s not just about the words we use – it’s about developing a collective understanding and working together. Being at Making You Content has shown me the various different steps that contribute to solving problems at an agency level. Here goes… 

Always a step ahead

Something that first struck me when I started working at Making You Content was our proactivity. As an agency, we constantly keep our finger on the pulse of our own industry as well as those of the clients we serve. This enables us to stay informed and stay ahead – providing our clients with content that’s not just topical, but forward-thinking too. 

Anticipating our clients’ needs is second nature to us. We delve deep into their businesses to understand their unique goals and challenges, often allowing us to offer solutions before they even realise that they need them.

Thinking on our feet

Need a social post to respond to a news event unfolding in real time, like yesterday? There’s a reason ‘agile’ is one of our agency values – it’s because it’s how we operate. We’re quick to adapt to our clients’ evolving needs, ensuring every decision we make contributes to their journey. Thinking on our feet isn’t just a skill, it’s a reflex – one we’re always developing as we continue to navigate the ever-changing landscape of content creation. 

Partnering with fast-growth businesses has highlighted the significance of being responsive, especially during those moments when last-minute support is essential. Whether it’s drafting crucial funding applications or polishing up award entries in time for a fast-approaching deadline, we’re quick, dependable, and effective. 

More than words

When I started at Making You Content, one of the first questions I needed an answer to was: “Is it Making You Content, or Making You Content?” You know what I mean. And the answer is, it’s both. Clients come to us for our expertise in marketing strategy, creation, and distribution, but our service goes far beyond that. We believe in fostering genuine connections with clients – extending our support far beyond the limits of a project deadline. 

When our clients win, we win. If they suffer a setback, we’re on hand to help. We don’t just care on a professional level, either. We celebrate their personal milestones too – because at MYC, everything we do is inspired by content and contentment.

Planning perfection

A little planning goes a long way. And a lot of planning? That’s where the extraordinary happens – something I’ve discovered in my role at MYC. With detailed roadmaps for each client’s content plan and regular check-ins to make sure everything is on track, we’re a well-oiled content machine. 

But that doesn’t mean we just churn out any old blogs. We recognise that each client is unique, and their needs individual as a result. We focus on delivering content that resonates, and forging relationships that last. For retainer clients, we take organisation to the next level with monthly meetings that serve as a dedicated platform for comprehensive discussions, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Our team understands that success isn’t simply a destination – it’s a continuous journey. 

Tea, tunes, and triumphs

The last thing I have to say isn’t necessarily focused on the client side, but I believe it impacts our client relationships all the same. At the heart of MYC is our vibrant team spirit – one of the things that first attracted me to the role. Small things like people remembering how you take your tea, and things that transcend the office in our hybrid working environment – like song recommendations in our #sprotifyunwrapt Slack channel (IYKYK) – really make all the difference. Some other personal favourite Slack channels are #whats-for-tea, #kudos, and #youokay – that last one speaks for itself. 

On a bigger scale, monthly take-ins and team activities give us a chance to share ideas, celebrate achievements, and just generally stay connected and have a laugh.

Let’s turn content into connections 

If you’re looking for a content partner who’s true to their word (literally and figuratively), then Making You Content is a perfect fit. Reach out to us today, and let’s create something amazing together. Because at Making You Content, we’re not just about making content – we’re about making you content.

Words by Kelly


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