5 Ways Email Marketing Can Propel Your Business


Almost every business has a database of contacts. Yet, remarkably few utilise this lucrative pool of information to form part of their marketing strategy. Social media, online promotion and print marketing all have their place in driving sales and improving your brand image. However, if you’ve got a list of relevant leads, you’ve already done the hard work. The next task is to transform your beehive into sweet, golden honey.

Email marketing is an affordable way to grow your business, harnessing your database to nurture prospects, convert them into customers, and (hopefully) turn ‘customers’ into ‘fans’. Let’s take a look at how:

1. Convert leads into customers

Whether you’ve got a list of subscribers or a few select prospects that you’d like to target, email marketing is a tried-and-tested way of converting leads into paying customers.

From carefully crafted, personalised emails for high value leads, to enticing offers and promotions for e-commerce sites, there are so many ways in which you can harness emails to generate sales.

2. Encourage repeat sales

But why draw the line at your first sale? If someone likes your brand enough to buy one product or service, what’s to stop them buying another? It’s much easier to secure repeat sales from existing customers than to attract new ones, so keep them up to date via email.

3. Builds relationships with customers

Not all businesses are built on spontaneous sales and sign-ups. For many organisations, a long-term strategy is essential. Email marketing, used well, is a great way to foster relationships with potential and existing customers.

Monthly newsletters or well-written autoresponders can keep subscribers engaged with relevant news, events, offers and tips. Establishing a regular (but not too regular!) point of contact with your customers can make them feel valued, and foster brand loyalty.

4. Cross-sell and up-sell

An effectively email marketing strategy can boost the value of individual customers, by tapping into other problems, needs and interests they may have. So you’ve sold a bike: what about the helmet and clothing to match? And the tyre repair kit? Cross-selling other products enables you to maximise the value of every customer, to increase your revenue without having to acquire new ones.

Similarly, upselling is a great choice for service providers. A travel agent, for example, doesn’t just sell holidays. They also push other things such as insurance, tours, events and upgrades. Is there a way that you can add value to a sale? If so, don’t let this lucrative opportunity slip through your hands.

5. Improve brand image

Email marketing gives you a rare opportunity to speak directly to your customers, to establish and reinforce your brand voice. Become the ‘cool’ etailer, the friendly and accessible local business, or the smart, time-saving online service that you want to be. Use emails as a way to make customers buy into your brand image.

Reach out to your target audience and engage both prospects and existing customers, for an easier, more effective way to market your products and services. Develop a strategy for your communications, and you can build a loyal fan base of customers who love and believe in your brand.

Looking for support on your next campaign, or need help with your email marketing strategy? We’re all ears. Get in touch with Making You Content today for free expert advice.

Words by Kelly


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