Monday 27th April 2015

5 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Converting

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 Many businesses spend vast amounts of time and money on drawing more traffic to their website. And rightly so – your website needs to have a strong online presence to attract attention in the overcrowded online marketplace. However PPC campaigns, SEO content and digital marketing are all rendered worthless if a website doesn’t ultimately convert.

If your website is one of the many that sees its leads slipping through the net, here are 5 reasons why you could be losing valuable business.

1. Outdated Design

The world of web design moves fast, and if you don’t keep up your website can quickly start to look outdated. Your website really is your online shop front, so if you’ve got a high bounce rate it could be because your unresponsive and unremarkable design is putting people off exploring further.

2. Poor Spelling and Grammar

However, even the most impressive website can quickly lose its appeal when riddled with typos. Bad English can reflect badly on a business, no matter how persuasive the message behind the mistakes may be. Whatever industry you’re in, it’s essential to have a professional website from the design through to the words that bring it to life. 

3. A Question of Length

They say that size doesn’t matter, but when it comes to the word count it really does. Too long, and you risk intimidating visitors to your site with an essay that they have neither the time nor inclination to tackle. Too short, and you may leave the reader with a head full of questions and very few answers. Your web content should be concise, informative and engaging throughout.

4. Choose Your Words Carefully

When walking the word count tightrope, how do you condense your passion and put it into words? Sure, your product or service may be ‘high quality’, but what does that actually mean? Your website should instantly set out your USPs, in a way that is easy to read and that sets your business apart from its competitors.

 5. Effective Calls to Action

Don’t let the opportunity to convert a hot lead into a sale slip under your nose. Make sure the content on every page finishes with a call to action, encouraging the reader to buy your product or contact the sales team, for example. Alternatively, if you want to gently nurture your customers towards the point of sale, use your CTAs to promote free content such as white papers.

Invest in creative design and targeted web content for your website and you’ll notice the difference in its conversion rate. Whether you want to reduce your bounce rate or increase the sales generated from your website, make sure that every aspect of your ‘shop front’ does your business justice.

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