5 Reasons Your Blog Is Being Ignored

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The vast echo-chamber of online content does not suffer fools lightly. While it’s true that more people are reading and writing than any other point in human history, it also means that competition is ruthless; a browser on the web can easily pass over your carefully-worded article without a second thought.

To boost the profile of your business and ensure your blogs don’t get overlooked, let’s take a look at some things to avoid that will help your blog reach the audience it deserves .


The modern web audience demands content that succinctly answers our questions; there are plenty of alternatives out there if your writing style digresses needlessly from the subject. Without a flair for language you won’t stand out from the pack, but too many fancy phrases will muddy the message you’re trying to give and deny readers the quick fix they’re after.

Poor Promotion

Are you scheduling your blog posts at peak hours of the working day? Are you starting conversations, hashtagging, doing your utmost to reign in as many eyes as you can? If not, your hard work will be for nothing. There’s no use having a brilliant article if it’s pre-emptively gathering cyber dust at 11.30pm, so spend some time promoting your copy.

Fort Text

This relates back to our first point – don’t turn a reader off by making your content a chore to sift through. Keep the format of the text (paragraphs, indenting, headed sections) punchy and clear. Often someone will visit a website for a line or two of information, which will drown in blocky reams of writing. Make your ideas more digestible; it won’t diminish them, and people will thank you for it.

Rushed Editing

We’ve covered this before, but it’s worth repeating because it’s easily avoidable. Editing is one of the great pleasures of writing, so don’t ignore the impact a tight edit can have on any given piece. Reigning in syntax and polishing up your grammar will make you seem efficient, intelligent and professional. No-one wants to come across as more careless than they actually are, and when web copy is used as a hook for new clients, this is doubly true.


Most importantly, ensure that your content is always relevant. Meditating on your early childhood when reviewing market trends, for example, is sure to be an instant turn-off for readers. Writing can be an intimate practise – after all, you’re splurging your thoughts to a stranger – but keep the focus on your business, your expertise, and your willingness to help people solve a problem.

Having your audience at the forefront of your mind is key to crafting useful content they can trust and appreciate. Entertain when you can, but make sure the focus always comes back to the subject in question and the core identity of your brand.

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Words by Kelly


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