4 Email Marketing Tricks You Need Up Your Sleeve

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Just because bees come in swarms doesn’t make the individual honey bee any less magnificent – especially if it’s the queen. The same goes for email marketing; although we’re bombarded with newsletters, auto responders and sales introductions on a daily basis, cleverly crafted email marketing campaigns rise above the digital swarm, with a sense of occasion dripping from every line.

A client of ours recently reported that their newsletter secured business from an old customer who hadn’t been in touch for six years. How do you achieve similar results? Here are four tips for email marketing success:

Subject line is everything 

How many emails do you wake up to each morning – 50, 100? What makes you reserve one for your commute, rather than adding it to the ‘delete’ pile? The subject line really is the deal-breaker that gets people salivating.

Settling for ‘July newsletter’ is lazy and undeserving of your audience’s attention; instead, find inspiration from your content to create a subject line that will clinch the deal with subscribers. Otherwise, what lies inside is irrelevant.

Bite-sized content

Less is more in email marketing; save your blogs and reflections for your website. We’d always recommend a maximum length of 300 words, but if you can get the message across in 100, even better.

‘The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.’ Thomas Jefferson

Make your emails easy to consume, with intuitive links leading back to your website for subscribers who are thirsty for more. That’ll ensure your email marketing efforts don’t overwhelm your audience.

Demand an immediate response

Even the most thought-provoking email can soon be forgotten about when it’s left to stagnate in an ever-growing inbox. Whether you’re promoting an upcoming event or showcasing your products, give customers an incentive to act now.

That could be a warning of limited tickets, a deadline for an offer, or an ‘early bird’ discount for booking before anyone else. Create a sense of urgency, and your emails will have a bigger impact in a shorter timeframe.

Time it just right… 

Timing can have a major influence on the success or failure of your email campaign, so think carefully about when might be an appropriate time to send your email. An industry roundup would be suitable for a Monday morning, but perhaps less so for a sales email.

Email marketing can be a hard nut to crack; working out a strategy, style and tone that works for your audience takes time, as every brand and demographic has its own nuances. However, slip these tricks into your next campaign, and we bet you’ll notice the difference when the data comes rolling in.

Need a little help with your email marketing strategy? Our Manchester copywriters support clients all over the world with their newsletters, auto responders and sales emails. For more information, email [email protected], or call 01616 609 206

Words by Kelly


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