4 Copywriting Predictions for 2016

Content Marketing Trends

With 2016 just around the corner, businesses of all sizes are taking time to reflect on the past 12 months and plan for the year ahead. Now is the perfect time to review your content marketing strategy, to address weaknesses and build on your successes.

51% of B2B brands plan to give their content marketing budget a boost in 2016, but how will they spend it? Our copywriters take a look at emerging content trends, to bring you 4 copywriting predictions for 2016.

A Renaissance of Print

As the online world becomes increasingly saturated, we’re seeing an increase in the number of clients turning to direct marketing and printed media, such as brochures and leaflets. We explored the importance of print marketing earlier in the year, and it seems printed media is only going to grow in significance over the next 12 months.

Consumers and brands alike are going back to their roots, ditching kindles for paperbacks and browsing brochures instead of websites. Do you have eye-catching, up to date print collateral promoting your products and services? If not, it may be time to invest.

Long Copy Will Conquer

It’s no secret that higher word counts fare better on search engines, but padding out your site with worthless content won’t do you any favours. Contrary to the belief that consumers have a short attention span, people are lapping up long copy such as information-rich guides. By creating in-depth articles and whitepapers on relevant topics, you’ll not only do wonders for SEO – you’ll establish yourself as an influencer in your field too.

The Emergence of Mobile Copywriting

As mobile dominates internet usage, it’s not only web designers and developers that should be taking note of shifting trends. A responsive website is all very well, but your content should be mobile-friendly too. Make your content accessible for mobile readers by breaking up text into bite-sized paragraphs, using captivating subheaders, and creating strong introductions to entice users to read on. 

An Emphasis on Content Creation

Nowadays, most brands are on social media before they even have a website. Whilst building a social presence is a great start, consumers are starting to tire of curated and self-promotional copy. As such, we’re seeing a shift from content curation to content creation, with brands creating original content such as blogs, video and infographics to earn engagement with their followers.

This ties in nicely with SEO trends for 2016, as Google algorithms continue to prioritise brands that create high quality content on a regular basis. Content over 300 words, with a good smattering of short- and long-tail keywords, will satisfy both your customers and the search engines.

Copywriting is a crucial part of any content marketing, aligning your content to your business objectives to secure tangible results from your marketing strategy. Shifts in consumer trends and Google algorithms mean brands must constantly create fresh and original content. These are just a few of the copywriting trends you can expect to see in 2016.

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Words by Kelly


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