An Essential Guide To Working With A Content Agency

Get the most out of an external marketing resource by clearly understanding your needs, what to look out for in an agency, and how to work best with them.

Content yields countless results. Generating and converting leads, conveying expertise, and gaining engagement and social media traction are really just a few of them. This area of marketing has the power to successfully position your brand and entice your audience throughout the buyer journey.

But if you’ve been considering outsourcing your content to a professional, you need to be sure they’re the right match for you. 

A trusted content agency has the time, experience, and knowledge to tailor your copy to the right market for impactful content that ignites your desired outcome. So, how do you spot one? And what can you do to get the best out of them? Our free guide covers exactly that.


  • The importance of understanding your content needs
  • How to define your marketing goals, target audience and types of content
  • Other benefits of a content agency to tap into
  • How to select the right agency
  • Tips to building a strong relationship with your chosen agency

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“MYC has been central to refining and delivering our content marketing strategy. Not only have they helped with the creation of content for social media, inbound lead nurture, case studies, thought leadership output and sales assets, but they’ve also proved a useful sounding board when thinking about the direction of our messaging strategy and engaging new markets. My decision to bring in MYC as our content marketing agency has been vindicated by Voicescape’s increased visibility, positioning as a sector thought leader, and increased pipeline of marketing-qualified leads.”

Voicescape - Muhammed Shaikh

Since we started working with MYC the quality of content going out is better, the graphics are better, and the posting is consistent. But one of the key benefits for me is that it’s created more discipline within the MA Group business.

MA Group Property Claims - Teresa Owen