Why Partner With A Copywriting Agency?

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Words, and how they’re used, still form the dividing line between what seems like a credible business or a questionable one. Copywriting demands three things – diligence, insight and a genuine love of language. If you run a business, you may be trying to hit these targets by yourself, but struggling to find the words to do so.

Not everyone is a natural; even if you are, you might struggle to find the time to maintain your content marketing strategy. Thinking of placing your blogs, web content, product descriptions or email marketing in the hands of an expert? There are plenty of reasons to strike up a partnership with a copywriting agency like ours:

Taking the words right out of your mouth

Every venture has to be online, and every website has certain standards to aim for; many of these revolve around the structure, direction and quality of your written content. Achieving them can involve a lot of work, when you consider that most websites have a home page, about us, numerous category or service pages… not to mention case studies or product descriptions.

That’s a lot of space for a business owner or marketing manager to fill alone – even if you are a dab hand at writing.

Beyond your website, there’s a whole other realm of content to consider: blogs, brochures, emails… it’s a dangerous game to rush your marketing strategy simply because you’ve got too much on your plate. You need a worthy interpretation of your brand by someone who can take the words right out of your mouth.

Who can you bring on board?

So, once you’ve come to terms with the holes in your content strategy, a few options will open up. Let’s consider the first: a full service agency that can handle your branding, web design and ongoing marketing. In terms of value for money, they may seem to be an absolute winner – everything you’re after, for one point of contact! Incredible, right?

Well, although these catch-all services can spread their manpower around your business, they might not specialise in certain fields, like copywriting. So while they have the capacity to cover all bases, attention to detail risks falling below expectations.

For this reason, you might consider a freelance copywriter who can dedicate their efforts to the cause. However, freelancers might not be able to bear the brunt of huge projects, and may in time abandon you for other clients.

Surely there’s a middle ground?

The benefits of a copywriting agency

Partnering with a content agency gives you access to a talented team of copywriters, with the comfort of planning for weeks or months in advance. At Making You Content, we sink our teeth into websites, email marketing, blogging services and more, applying the same gusto to each assignment.

We’re a trusted choice for dozens of companies, large and small, and we’re happy to collaborate with your in-house team or external partners to push the boundaries of your brand. We’ve even got the awards to prove it!

Like the sound of taking on an award-winning Manchester copywriting agency with the chops to translate your vision? Give us a call to discuss your content marketing today.

Words by Kelly


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