The Importance of Content for SEO

content for SEO

It’s no secret: businesses that rank highly on search engines have a distinct advantage over their competition. You can have a great website, a strong social media presence, and an eye-catching brand. But if it doesn’t get found on Google, you’re unlikely to attract the web traffic – and ultimately sales – that you need.

SEO experts try every trick in the book to climb the search engine rankings. However, one of the most trusted ways to get to the top is to produce high quality content, on a regular basis. Let’s take a look at how and why content plays such a crucial role in search engine optimisation.

Building Brand Authority

Google gives priority to brands that it trusts. By carving out a niche in your industry and gaining the trust of your target audience, you can win the search engines over too. This won’t happen overnight, but producing content such as blogs on a regular basis can help you to become a voice of authority in your field.

Social Sharing

Social media has adopted a major role in SEO. User engagement on key platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and even Google Plus all send vital signals to search engines, to highlight relevant content. By producing regular content – whether it be a blog post, an infographic or a video – you can boost the profile of your brand along with your search engine ranking.

Organic Traffic

You can spend hundreds (in cases, thousands) of pounds on PPC advertising. Do it well, and your campaign will generate a great return on investment over a set period of time. However, dedicating time and resources to improving your organic ranking by optimising your website and producing quality content can secure results that far outweigh those of AdWords.

Lay the foundations for an optimised website, and organic traffic will look after itself. Again, you need to adopt a long-term approach to organic SEO, but constantly improve on your performance by reviewing your analytics and updating your content, and you’ll eventually reap the rewards.

Drive Sales

Of course, ranking highly on Google isn’t the end result. Quality content should not only generate organic traffic but should also drive sales and enquiries. Invest in copywriting, and the effects of your content will be twofold – attract your target audience and convert traffic into paying customers.

There’s no hard and fast way to the top where SEO is concerned. So take the long view on search engine optimisation and invest in methods that will have a lasting impact.

Aj Mussell, Managing Director of Six Search SEO Agency Liverpool adds: “There is no advantage to cutting corners with your content when you’re developing your SEO content strategy and ensuring that you truly understand your audience and what they are searching will give you the competitive edge.”

A copywriter can help you create content that builds your online presence, connects with your audience, and contributes towards a higher search engine ranking. A cost-effective solution that offers a great ROI, are you giving content the attention it deserves?

Words by Kelly


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