So, You Want To Sound “Energetic?”

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Struggling to get your audience to sit up and take notice? You might need some added adrenaline.

Giving your writing an action-packed, fast-paced feel is a fool-proof recipe for turning heads. When words are whizzing across the page, it’s almost impossible not to be lured in.

That’s why demands for energetic content are so high. Brands want to get noticed. However, you need to err on the side of caution before putting pedal to metal. Not every organisation is a prime candidate for Red Bull content.

Allow us to demonstrate…

When does being “energetic” work?

The truth is, almost every product or service needs a little jazzing up. Most businesses are fighting tooth and nail to stand out in a saturated market – and well-written content can elevate your brand onto its own podium away from the competition.

Dynamic content can transform an ordinary-looking product into something that seems quite exciting. And there are few different ways to add jet fuel to your writing:

Style, strength, speed. Buy top whips at low prices with Super Cars. Get down before our sizzling summer sale is over…

 As you can see, the short sentences, high urgency, and simple language make this copy feel bouncy and lively.

Bullet points are another good way to keep pieces fast-paced and fresh. Most readers skim read content, so it’s essential key points are highlighted. Onomatopoeia also works (words like “bang”) when you’re opting for something a little more informal.

However, energetic writing isn’t for everyone. If you’re offering a more delicate service, such as funeral packages or healthcare, sprint-style content could come across as inappropriate.

Just consider this example:

Come to our funeral parlour and bury your loved ones. It’s quick and caring. Cheap, too.

It just doesn’t work. Long, careful copy in this instance would be much more powerful – conveying the funeral parlour as the esteemed, comforting place it truly is.

Give your content a kick

Regardless of whether you want to be slick-talking or wistful in your writing, we can work closely with you to find the right approach.

From blogs to brochures, we can put some pep in the step of your copy… or slow things down and let the cream content rise to the top.

Contact us on 0161 660 9206 for more info. When it comes to creating quality content, our energy never falters.

Words by Kelly


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