Had A Lightbulb Moment? Make It Into Marketing

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It’s often hard to find the time or inspiration to create content within a business. You’ve probably covered a range of topics over the years, so there’s not much else you can write about, right?

Wrong. The likelihood is you have lightbulb moments all the time, and these are the perfect fodder for your blog in particular. To make sure those flames don’t flicker out, we’ve mapped out a simple three-step process for sharing them with the world:

1. Recognise an idea

You don’t need to be a ‘creative type’ to come up with ideas. You’ll know the business like the back of your hand, so you’re actually in the best position to have brainwaves.

Think about it: how often have you been in a meeting or call, and shared some sort of solution, wisdom or realisation?

Whenever that happens, think: would your audience be interested in this?

2. Remember the concept

If the above question is answered with a ‘yes’, then capture it in some format. Even if you’re unsure whether it’s valuable or even controversial, note down the idea so you can gauge the opinion of your team or agency.

Even if the idea doesn’t have enough meat on the bone to become a blog, it could feed into more substantial topics or form a great snippet for social media.

3. Broadcast your thoughts

Having content at the forefront of your mind when attending networking events, meeting prospects, solving problems for clients and improving your business is guaranteed to generate a string of ideas for your marketing.

There’s a diverse range of scenarios that can be transformed into different types of content. Here’s just five opportunities you’re likely to come across:

– Commentary

It’s likely that you’ll have an opinion on new developments in your industry. Expert commentary is exactly the type of content your audience wants to see; share this regularly and your brand will soon become recognised as authoritative.

– Affiliations

Sharing insights from your team is great, but to really expand the reach of your blog it’s smart to partner with other experts in your sector. Got a connection whose opinion would be valuable to your audience? Consider featuring them in a guest blog or interview.

– Comparisons

To the untrained eye, there is often very little difference between one product or service and another. However, you know better. Bring this education process away from your sales team and into your marketing with content that offers helpful comparisons between different products or services they might come across.

– Solutions

There are countless ways to approach a need or problem. However, if you find yourself providing the same solution to the same question time and again, there’s clearly a need for education. There’s your ‘aha’ moment right there – write a blog to direct your audience. It could be a ‘how to’ blog, or a ‘tips’ piece that combines multiple answers.

– Seasonal advice

Does your business revolve around certain times of year, such as holidays or tax dates? As soon as you start these conversations within the team, it’s time to start thinking about content. Leave it too late, and you could miss the boat with your marketing.

The ideas are all there in your head, they just need to be recognised and crafted into words. But the latter may not be something you have time for or want to do. Our copywriting agency can take this off your hands, transforming your ideas into compelling content. Give us a call on 0161 660 9206 or drop us a line on [email protected] at any time.

Words by Kelly


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