Wednesday 09th November 2016

Christmas Crossword

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Received one of our crossword cards in the post? Let us reveal the answers to help you fill in any gaps.

Christmas Crossword


1. A marketing plan for a pre-defined period – campaign

6. Yield (abr) – ROI

7. To polish up a piece of content – edit

8. To win the attention of a prospect – earn

9 . An error in a sentence – typo

12. A strategy to dominate Google – SEO

13. Highlights the contents of a web page – keyword



1. To transform a lead into customer – convert

2. The traditional form of marketing – print

3. Social media trend-setter – influencer

4. Email marketing _____ your database – nurtures

5. Copywriters do a lot of this! – write

10. A clever marketing trick – ploy

11. Content with a focus on sales – copy

Full house? Nearly there? Shocking team effort? Comment below – we’d love to hear how you got on!