Friday 28th April 2017

Speaking Out On Startups, Equality and Good Old British Hang-Ups

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As we steamroll into the second quarter of the year, it certainly feels like we’ve hit the ‘go’ button here at Making You Content. We’re currently laying the foundations for expansion, so you can expect a lot more news from our copywriters as we march into May and June!

But April has involved its fair share of excitement, from work anniversaries to expos. Got a few moments for a whistle-stop tour of our latest developments? Here’s what we’ve been up to over the last few weeks.

Life In A Manchester Startup

Just over a year ago, Josh strolled into our office looking fresh faced and feeling eager to hone his writing skills. Twelve months later, it’s fair to say he’s done just that, and has become an integral part of the Making You Content team.

Eager to gain his thoughts about working here so far, we asked Josh to write something in honour of his work-iversary. It reveals some pretty juicy insights into life in a Manchester startup, and what makes our loveable copywriter tick.

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What Women In Business Want

Our involvement with the Federation of Small Businesses has led to some fantastic opportunities over the past year. So it was a privilege to speak on behalf of the FSB at the Northern Business Expo a few weeks ago, where we asked: ‘What do women want to drive and build a successful business?’

During her keynote, Kelly unveiled recent findings into the challenges and victories surrounding female entrepreneurship, as well as outlining some of the work that the Women In Enterprise Taskforce have been doing to address them. Thanks to everyone who came along!

Make Yourself A Little Bit Famous

Building a personal brand can be extremely beneficial as a business owner, but it’s difficult to get over our British hang-ups and showcase what we do with pride. We’re all experts in something, although it can be daunting to set out your stall as a ‘thought leader’, ‘public speaker’ or ‘industry expert.’

So how do you overcome these fears, and make yourself a little bit famous? Kelly will be joining a panel of business leaders in Cheshire on the 11th May, to explore how you can gain a competitive edge by making yourself visible in the business world.

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And these are just the first hints of what May has in store for us… we cannot wait to update you next month as our plans come to fruition, but for now it’s tight lips as we get to work on making them happen.

That said, we’ve always got time for a catch up with our clients and contacts. If you’ve got a project in mind, we’d love to put our heads together and bring it to life. Just get in touch with our Manchester content agency to see how we can help.