Dressed to Impress: Expressing Your Brand Personality

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As the digital world gives us so many avenues to express ourselves, blogs and social media have become an extension of our personalities. Whether you’re an individual, a business owner or a marketing manager, these channels should be an authentic representation of the person or brand behind the screen.

Getting your online identity right is essential as a business. Think, for a moment: what if your brand was a living, breathing person? You want to make anyone coming across your venture feel at ease, and certainly intrigued about what you do. This means speaking to them on an emotional level, whilst still assuming a professional edge.

Let’s take a look at how you and your brand are one of the same when communicating with your audience:

Dress to Impress

Businesses wear their logos and branding on their sleeve. A clothing analogy is a fitting way to describe your brand’s visual appeal: mix and match elements badly and you’ll look dishevelled, whereas a stylish and cohesive ‘outfit’ will make strangers eager to talk to you, as if they’ve been watching you from the corner of their eye all along.

Visual impact is so important to market yourself effectively. Give your brand consistent colours to draw from, and complement with buttons and links that are clean and unobtrusive. Likewise, don’t make things too complicated. You wouldn’t leave the house in a 3D graphic t-shirt, would you? Keep images and text surrounded by appropriate squares of space to avoid confusion.

Find Your Voice

Having a nervous, hesitant speaking voice does you no favours when trying to make an impression on a group of people. Equally, a Jeykll and Hyde personality will only confuse and alienate the room, which makes it vital to develop a consistent tone of voice that slots in with your design and branding.

This will pay dividends when publishing online content, establishing your business as a self-assured market leader, and reflecting how you approach your industry. Creative firms, for example, might want to tell their audience about on-going projects, using interesting turns of phrase and emotive language. Conversely, an accountancy firm will want to cut to the chase, striking an easy sense of confidence about all things financial.

By understanding your audience and expressing what makes your brand unique, you can spark a dialogue with prospects and customers that builds rapport and trust in your business. Just be aware that appearing too dry will turn people off, anesthetising the personal qualities of what you do.

Visualising your business as a human being, with real thoughts and ambitions, lets you anatomise what works and what doesn’t regarding your brand image. From your wardrobe through to the attitude you showcase on social media, your website and blog, every touch point with your audience should be in line with the core of your branding.

Luckily for you, we have copywriting covered, so get in touch with Making You Content to find a voice for your brand that works for your business.

Words by Kelly


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