Could A Business Magazine Be The Answer To Your Marketing?

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Print is dead. Long-form copy can’t capture attention. These are myths that hold many businesses back from straying beyond the safety of blogs and bite-sized content. However, spending time on a large piece of writing can be a wonderful thing for your business, if you get the campaign just right.

A magazine can open up your branding like never before. People who are interested in the subject it covers will spare the time for a deep dive, and it will set you apart from the competition by making you a front-runner in your sector.

That said, magazines don’t appear overnight. To decide whether it’s the right investment for your business, we’ve weighed up the pros and cons.


  • Demonstrate thought leadership
  • Engage your audience
  • Extend your reach
  • Lead the conversation

Industry magazines are a content playground. They usually start with an editorial – a senior figure discussing a theme, development or recent success that ties the entire concept together. Then we have feature articles – the headline draw – which highlight your work. Interviews can give the team a voice, making them more relatable. In between, there might be opinion columns from other industry leaders, each adding weight to your brand’s position in its sector and allowing you to tap into new audiences.

Most importantly, the magazine gives you the opportunity to experiment. Think about it: whoever’s reading it will have downloaded a copy or picked it up on purpose. They want a light, enjoyable read with real insight and diversity. Therefore, you can play with structure and give several styles of content room to breathe to ensure they don’t get restless.

Consider the timing too. Industry magazines can be promoted as an online resource, or given to those further down the sales funnel as a thank you. It could even be launched to coincide with an event, such as a conference. Regardless, you’ll stand out from the competition with a bound, glossy summary of the company’s latest news and ideas. People will be impressed, as long as the quality is sky-high.


  • Organisation is a must
  • Investment is key

When we get to the downsides, it’s really a matter of perspective or – again – a question of timing. Content writers need all the right material for their work to shape up as it’s meant to. That means ensuring the information is there, and that topical articles don’t go out of date. Interviewees and contributors have to be notified well in advance, so they can provide the best possible answers to the questions you’ll pose.

Plus, you need to be prepared to invest in delivering something worth reading. Content creation and curation, design and print all require a careful eye to ensure the quality matches up to the vision you initially had for the project. Don’t invest in a magazine unless you’re confident you have the right resources behind it to make it a success.

Making You Content are here to help you decide whether a magazine is just the thing for your marketing. Our copywriters love writing them – and can oversee project management if you decide to go ahead. Curious? Speak to us to find out more.

Words by Kelly


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