A Fool-Proof Formula For Lead Nurturing

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Capturing a lead is a lot like trying to salvage a balloon in a breeze. Failing to grasp hard enough will see it slip free, but squeeze too tight and it’ll burst apart. Leads need to be nurtured with a careful touch before they can be transformed into customers, and it’s all about finding a way to strike the right balance.

Here, we examine the kind of fool-proof formula your business can utilise as part of a lead nurturing campaign – a recipe for success when it comes to taking care of potential clients.

Step 1 – Create a great giveaway

One of the best ways to get started is with a giveaway – a free resource that people can take advantage of, in exchange for personal details such as their email address. Long-form content gives you an opportunity to delve deeper into your expertise, building trust with your audience while nudging them towards a sale or enquiry.

Examples include guides and whitepapers on industry trends, statistics, niche ideas, future projections and developments. That’s a lot of valuable information in exchange for one email address – and it’ll show you have the kind of industry know-how that renders your business trustworthy and dependable.

Step 2 – Craft a targeted landing page

Once you’ve created a winning resource, it’s time to give it a home on your website. A dedicated landing page will not only allow you to hone in on the specific area of the business you’re pushing – it also gives you a targeted link for paid advertising and social media campaigns.

By driving new (potentially valuable) visitors to a landing page – where they can enter their email to download the guide – you’ll maximise the conversion rate of web traffic, and ensure that you capture those all-important details.

Step 3 – Start an email series

The third and final step is to create an email series that will be triggered when someone enters their address. You can attach the aforementioned free resource to the initial email, with subsequent communications drawing and expanding on the information in this guide to offer readers fresh insight with every new message.

A drip campaign is designed to ‘nurture’ these new leads, feeding interest and answering any questions prospects may have, to a point where they are ready to buy. To this end, a lead nurturing email series typically starts with a softer sell, moving towards a ‘harder’ offer or CTA towards the final email. Done right, this type of campaign will gradually transform prospects into paying customers.

Here at Making You Content, we can help you craft lead nurturing copy that keeps your contacts coming back. From blogs, to brochures, to email marketing campaigns, our speciality lies in producing content that makes more noise around your brand without pushing people away. Get in touch to chat to our Manchester copywriters today on 01616 609 206, or drop us a line at [email protected].

Words by Kelly


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