Thursday 29th October 2015

5 Christmas Marketing Tips From A Copywriter

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The Christmas countdown has begun, and with it the final push for year-end sales. This festive season is a lucrative opportunity to gain new customers and boost your profits, with long-term benefits for your online presence. However, with so much to do before December, it can be difficult to know where to start when planning and executing your Christmas marketing campaign.

One thing’s for sure – content should be high up your priority list. Why, you ask? Let’s take a look at some of the key ways in which content can propel your brand this Christmas, and why they are so effective.

  1. Get big on blogging

Whilst some people may already have their Christmas shopping wrapped up, the majority of consumers have only just got their thinking caps on. As your customers start to ponder what to buy their loved ones this year, plant the seed for increased sales with blogs that will direct them towards your products. Blog posts such as 5 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas, or Top Tips for Online Christmas Shopping will engage your target audience and prompt them to start shopping – ideally with you!

  1. Write persuasive product descriptions

Many retailers expand their catalogue in the run up to Christmas, but very few promote these new arrivals effectively. For online retailers, product descriptions provide crucial information about your items; engaging copy can transform bland specifications into a persuasive pitch that drives conversions. Struggling to find the right words? Follow these tips to write product descriptions that sell.

  1. Create interesting category pages

When you sell hundreds (or thousands) of products, few customers will have the time or patience to scroll through pages and pages of listings. To make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for, sort your products into different categories. This could be the recipient, personality, or simply the type of product available. Well-written introductions on category pages, touching on the pains and priorities of customers, will engage readers and do wonders for SEO!

  1. Step up your social media

Content marketing isn’t just about creating good copy. Any successful Christmas marketing campaign depends on promoting that content, not just waiting for Google’s algorithms to work their magic. Social media enables you to promote new blog posts, gift guides and products, absolutely free. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your content seen!

  1. Cost-effective email marketing

Get a fast and effective return on investment from copywriting by opting for email marketing. By sending out emails to customers, prospects or subscribers, you can instantly connect with your target audience and encourage them to buy your products. Whether this be a Christmas gift guide or a limited time offer, there are plenty of ways to make email marketing work for you.

If you’ve got products to shout about, don’t sit quietly and wait for the customers to come to you this Christmas. Copywriting is an essential part of any marketing campaign – and not just during the festive season!

Haven’t got the time or words to write your content? Get in touch with our copywriting agency to discuss your content requirements.