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The franchise sector is a highly competitive one, and Rainbow International recognised that traditional forms of marketing – on industry websites and at exhibitions – were lacking in substance. They wanted a fresh approach that would help them stand out from competitors and challenge perceptions about the franchise business.

Having lost faith in their previous agency, Rainbow International wanted a new team to take over their content marketing efforts. Following a recommendation, they approached us to rewrite their prospectus and explore their wider marketing aims…

Shaping brand perceptions

One of the problems that Rainbow International faced when dealing with prospective franchisees was the old ‘man in a van’ perception of the brand. The organisation wanted to attract ambitious individuals to take over available territories, which required a strong, clear message about the nature of their franchise business.

We worked closely with the brand’s Franchise Recruitment manager to understand the organisation’s model, recruitment process and ideal candidate. In doing so, we were able to produce a compelling prospectus for anyone interested in a branch.

Building on strong foundations

The new prospectus presented a stark contrast to the quality and tone of content used elsewhere by Rainbow International, so we were given the opportunity to re-write the content for the brand’s new recruitment site and begin a weekly blogging schedule.

As well as bringing the content in line with the tone and message of the prospectus, we introduced our client to our trusted SEO partners. They conducted keyword research and identified some key areas in which we could strengthen the site from an SEO standpoint.

From keyword-optimised blogs to dedicated pages for each territory to drive local SEO, working alongside our partners has enabled us to focus on improving the site’s ranking on the search engines. In doing so, we’ve boosted monthly site traffic by over 300%.

A strategy for long-term success

Following on from our early successes, Rainbow International have now increased their activity with our copywriting agency and SEO partners, as well as our trusted collaborators for social media and design. We are now working closely together to execute a long-term strategy for the recruitment branch of the business.

We are continuing to challenge perceptions of the brand and franchising as a whole. By collaborating with other marketing specialists, we have been able to amplify the impact of our copywriting.


'If you are exploring the possibility of working with Kelly you probably have a problem that needs solving, just as I did. Her honest assessment of your present situation may not be what you want to hear, but the pragmatic and thought out solution will allow you to speak in language your customers understand and in places they will see you, giving chances to convert sales that otherwise would have eluded you before.' ~ David Shimwell, Franchise Recruitment Manager




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