What Impact Does Written Content Really Have On Your Brand?

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Successfully marketing a product or service is tough. With so many more businesses promoting themselves through online platforms, standing out from the overcrowded world of sneezing pandas, numerous homeware retailers, and YouTube subscriber races, can be difficult. This is why the quality of your written content is key.

As a business you must decide on the style of your written marketing. Do you want a hard sell or a less ‘in-your-face’ approach? The words you choose to use have a huge impact on your branding.

Think of your audience as an interviewer and you’re the interviewee. You need to show them why they should choose you. There are a number of effects that the things you write can have on your audience; keep reading to find out the benefits of using great content.

It can show that you care

Whilst creating a sense of urgency to buy your product or service can be effective (and is necessary in some cases), this shouldn’t be your go-to tone.

If you use blunt language and a strong selling technique when there’s no need for urgency, it can look like your attention is solely on pocketing your client’s hard-earned money, rather than actually wanting to help them with whatever pain point your product or service aims to solve.

Use passionate, well-written copy that tells your audience how you’ll resolve their worries. If you aren’t enthused about your own brand, your audience certainly won’t be! Show that thought has gone into your service, that you empathise with your audience, and that that’s the reason you’ve created the product/service and want to tell them all about it.

It positions yourself as an expert

Trust is key. When marketing, you need to show that you’re always on the customer’s side and that they’re in capable hands. This is where content that strikes the right tone is crucial.

As a business, yes, you want to be friendly and approachable – you want people to feel they can contact you, but you also want to be viewed as a professional in your industry. Language is so important in copy; it shapes people’s perceptions of your business. Use informative and fluent language that gives readers all the information they need and is easy for them to understand.

As well as tone, your written content should show that you know your business and industry like the back of your hand. Attention to detail in your copy will reflect this and earn your audience’s trust. By the same token, don’t say you can offer something that you clearly can’t; this will severely damage your reputation and your brand.

It can draw in potential employees

The content you release to the public is not only seen by consumers, but it’s also seen by potential employees. If you want your business to fly, you want a reliable team that reflects your values behind the scenes.

Employees are looking for an opportunity to develop their skills in whatever job they’re in. If your content looks like it’s been rushed and doesn’t clearly explain what your business is about, you could be losing out on talent. This will dissuade prospective team members from wanting to join you in your mission – if your marketing is disorganised, what else might be?

Good written content will make people want to come on board and help build your business, and it will give them an insight into what they could be doing and the type of people they’d be working with. In relation to demonstrating expertise, your copy should show that future employees will benefit from working alongside knowledgeable individuals who are able to help them thrive in the industry.

Don’t know where to start, or simply don’t have time to draft, proof and edit copy for your marketing? Making You Content can help with all of that – we’ll create and distribute the content you need to turn viewers into customers.

Get in touch by calling us on 0161 660 9206 or pop an email over to [email protected].

Words by Kelly


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