Friday 15th September 2023

Soup, Slack, And Snappy Copy: One Year At MYC

Words by Haley

September marks Haley’s first anniversary at MYC, and what a year it has been. Find out how Haley’s time with us has been about more than just words… 

Wow, that went quick. A whole year at Making You Content!

My move to a content-first agency was a long time coming, as I yearned to level up my writing and work amongst fellow wordsmiths who shared my obsession with nailing your theres, theirs and they’res. But words aside, joining MYC has been about finding like-minded colleagues, tantalising tastebuds, and being supported by some of the best in the biz…

The story before MYC 

While most copywriters end up freelancing towards the latter years of their career, I kick-started mine during lockdown after being approached to write medical copy for a disability living aids company. This was a tough first gig, but I went on to write for local restaurants and businesses in my hometown too. 

And then I landed a role at a full-service marketing agency nestled in the countryside. I was the only copywriter. I got to put my journalism degree to good use, dabbling with some PR for our clients, but something was still missing. 

Making a move to an agency back in the city where I gained my degree seemed like it could be the missing piece of the puzzle. That’s where MYC came in… 

Political punditry and writing for big brands  

From week one, I knew I’d made the right move: I was given the chance to put my passion for politics into action with reactive content from Kwasi Kwarteng’s disastrous mini-Budget. (And I’m pleased to report that I’ve kept the title of resident Budget expert ever since – gathering updates for the team to help create snappy yet informative copy for a variety of audiences.) 

Sure, I felt a little bit of anticipation joining a company so well known for its brilliant way with words – but it wasn’t long before I was enhancing my writing skills and gaining confidence from the copywriters and editors working alongside me. 

There has been plenty of collaboration between us, too, with many copywriters working cohesively on major projects. This has fed my craving to develop my experience as part of a content-focused team. 

Kudos to the MYC gang 

When I walked through the doors of Use.Space (our shared office building) I thought, “I’m not cool enough to work here”. The arty and vibrant décor meant it was like walking into a millennial’s workplace of wonders. Fast-forward 12 months, and I’m looking forward to hosting more ‘Soup of Thurs-day’s (our weekly team lunch where everyone takes it in turns to bring a homemade soup) in the canteen area this autumn.  

Which brings me to my next point. Making You Content wouldn’t be the workplace it is without the people. And from day one, I’ve found the whole team to be incredibly supportive. One key part of this has been the #kudos channel on our instant messenger, Slack, which regularly gets updated with positive feedback from our clients and management team. It has definitely aided in building my confidence. 

Although I’m a hybrid worker, MYC has nailed making sure those who aren’t in the office still feel just as much a part of the team, with video calls and more dedicated Slack channels to dip in and out of (#whats-4-tea and #netflix-and-spill being my favourites). I also love venturing into the office and seeing people in person to collaborate on work, put the world to rights, or just catch up on the latest Corrie gossip! 

Elevate your career 

So, despite my early doors minor imposter syndrome, my first year at MYC has been a blast – and I’ve loved taking my career development to the next level. Here’s to the next 12 months and beyond… 

See yourself as a bit of a wordsmith too? Make your mark at MYC!